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7 Mar

Throwback Tunesday

Despite the small victory of preventing the Trump administration’s “first Muslim ban” from going in to effect, do not believe that the new, “watered down” EO is any less of a threat to human rights and religious freedom.

Huffpost outlined some of the specifics for comparison. Read them below, and click here for the more detailed explanation of each point and what it truly means.

What changed in the new order:

  • Iraq removed from list of countries on the travel ban
  • Applies only to non-visa holders (anyone with a valid or multi-entry visa is exempt from the new order)
  • Will not go into effect until March 16 to avoid chaos
  • Exceptions for religious minorities removed

What remains from the previous order:

  • Refugee resettlement program banned for 120 days
  • Travel ban for citizens of some countries in effect for 90 days
  • Cap on refugee resettlement for fiscal year 2017 plummets from 110,000 to 50,000

“The new order leaves out many of the most forceful points from the original one. But tens of thousands will still be affected.”

Art has always been one of the most profound forms of expression, particularly regarding dissent. In response to Trump’s first Muslim ban in January, the MoMa made a few modifications to the selected works on display from their permanent collection, with works from artists who hail from nations affected by President Trump’s Muslim ban.

According to a senior curator there, “the museum removed seven works, including paintings from Pablo Picasso, Francis Picabia, and Henri Matisse, and installed the new works, also from the permanent collection. Artists whose works are represented in the museum’s protest include Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, Sudanese painter Ibrahim El-Salahi, and Iranians Tala Madani and Charles Hossein Zenderoudi.” All of these artists come from the Muslim-majority countries persecuted and discriminated against by the ban.

This Tunesday we throw it back to this previous post. Still commonly known by his original stage name, Cat Stevens, Steven Demetre Georgiou converted to Islam in 1977 and subsequently changed to his current moniker, Yusuf Islam.

The post linked above specifically refers to a song we related to treating the earth well (another item that needs some serious protecting), and although that will always be paramount, here are some of our other favorite songs by the peace legend and freedom fellow.


One song in particular, Boots and Sand, from his most recent album, is about his previous denial to enter the United States… a sentiment too many people are becoming familiar with as of late.


Are there any artists currently speaking to you? Share in the comments below!

Gabrielle Levy
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