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11 Oct

Tunesday: 30 Days 30 Songs

The same brilliant minds behind the website 90 Days, 90 Reasons, have done it again! But this time- even better. In 2012, the website’s inception revolved around reminders of why Obama’s voters and Donors loved him in the first place.


“90 Days, 90 Reasons is an independent initiative unaffiliated with Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. 90 Days, 90 Reasons was conceived by two guys originally from Chicago, Dave Eggers and Jordan Kurland. In late July, they looked around and saw that many of Obama’s voters and donors from 2008 needed to be reminded of all he has accomplished, and all he will do if given another term. They asked a wide range of cultural figures to explain why they’re voting for Obama in 2012, in the hopes that this might re-inspire the grassroots army that got Obama elected in the first place. Every day, a new reason will be posted—in short, Twitter form, with a longer essay available here. Please spread the word.”

This round- the gloves come off.

Starting yesterday, October 10, and every day until Election Day, “Artists for a Trump-free America” are releasing a new song in defiance of his hateful campaign.


The first installment of this exciting project was created by Alternative-Rock band, Death Cab for Cutie. If you’re not familiar with them, they were made famous by their heavy airtime in the unforgettable teen drama… The OC (for us at least).

Listen below to the first M(musical)WMD for the Trump campaign, entitled “Million Dollar Loan.”

Just take a look at what front man, Ben Gibbard had to say about the song’s message:

“Lyrically, “Million Dollar Loan” deals with a particularly tone deaf moment in Donald Trump’s ascent to the Republican nomination. While campaigning in New Hampshire last year, he attempted to cast himself as a self-made man by claiming he built his fortune with just a ‘small loan of a million dollars’ from his father. Not only has this statement been proven to be wildly untrue, he was so flippant about it. It truly disgusted me. Donald Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he is unworthy of the honor and responsibility of being President of the United States of America, and in no way, shape or form represents what this country truly stands for. He is beneath us.”

With a very direct video to accompany the blunt and honest lyrics, there’s no denying the message.

The best part is, despite being about a hate-mongering potential dictator, the tone of the song is so incredibly soft. They have found the perfect way of getting their point across but doing it in a way that even people who avoid political discussions will listen to, understand and (hopefully) digest.

Personally, there isn’t one thing about this song and the movement it is a part of, that I don’t like. This election isn’t just about rocking the vote, it’s about rocking the right one. And who better to help get that point across than rockers themselves?!

We cannot wait to hear the rest!

Gabrielle Levy
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