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2 Jun

Tunesday Bluesday

This past Saturday was a perfect example of being rewarded for going out instead of being lazy and staying in bed. We went to the West Village and had a blast at Fat Cat, one of our favorite bars, where I may have discovered a hidden talent for shuffleboard. As we were winding down and ready to head home, I realized we were right near the Blues bar where a friend works, and wanted to say hello.

Well, hello turned into us sitting down, eating artichoke pizza (Ari, not me of course), and listening to the most incredible live Blues I’ve ever heard. Terra Blues is a gem in the heart of the West Village. With minimal lighting, except for the stage and candles on each table, there was an air of casual intimacy that one could only expect to find at a traditional Blues bar. Clarence Spady was playing Saturday night, but the stage has also been graced by countless other blues legends for over two decades. We just sat and listened. No one spoke. There were no words worth interrupting the smooth tunes we were enveloped in. If music was a visual experience, I imagine we would have seen waves of blue light flowing through the air, surrounding each individual listener. Plainly; I was inspired. That is why this Tunesday is dedicated to one of the greatest Blues legends of all time: Muddy Waters. If you haven’t heard it before, take a listen to “Mojo Working” below.

Originally written by Preston Foster, and first recorded by Ann Cole, Rolling Stone magazine placed Waters’ rendition of the song at number 359 on its list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. With very simple yet relatable lyrics, this song lends itself perfectly to a musical genius, as he was, who could elevate it to new heights with unmatchable blues instrumentals.

Gabrielle Levy
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