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10 May

Tunesday: Dark Necessities


Dropped last week, the new Red Hot Chili Peppers single “Dark Necessities,” off of the forthcoming album is… straight fire.

As a band that somehow managed to successfully go from musical punk-funk goofballs, to Rock and Roll hall of fame inductees, they are one of a kind.

I was unsurprisingly surprised when the song began. The RCHP are nothing if not consistently great, but they always manage to add something new and alluring with each new pice of music. Listeners are introduced to this new song with with a much more minimalist sound- that includes the perfect “something new” a piano.

At 42 seconds in, after the perfect build-up, you are dropped back to the RHCP world with Flea’s classic funky bassline and Kiedis’s addictive (despite sometimes incoherent) vocals. These, in particular are very dark and telling.

Yeah, you don’t know my mind
You don’t know my kind
Dark necessities are part of my design
Tell the world that I’m falling from the sky

All of their albums has one major standout and the most exciting part about “The Gateway,” is that we don’t even think “Dark Necessities” is it. There is so much potential and pent up excitement about what is to come on June 17th, and we have a feeling we won’t be disappointed.

Take a listen below and tell us what you think!

Gabrielle Levy
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