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4 Apr

Tunesday with David Haller

After being unapologetically engrossed in FX’s new Marvel show, Legion, we decided there was no better inspiration for this Tunesday than the Legion soundtrack, which was shaped by music itself, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

The Dark Side of the Moon was sort of the sound of schizophrenia, the sound of mental illness in the ’70s. So why not use that as the touchstone for what the sound of this score might be?”

With original music by Jeff Russo (which deserves its own post) as a driving force for “auditory hallucinations,” viewers are transported down the rabbit hole and into the minds of every intricately complex character as they develop from chapters 1 to 8.

The supplied music then acts as a catalyst, helping to blur the lines between the familiar and the unknown.

Trying to examine the psyche of a “normal” person’s mind is challenging enough, but the show takes that ten steps further by beautifully presenting the distorted mind of one of the most powerful mutants in their universe’s history.

Listen below to these wonderful songs and make watching the show a top priority if you haven’t already.

Gabrielle Levy
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