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21 Jun

Tunesday Full of Spice!

Note: Our favorite method of listening to music at Twinseperable HQ, is and will always be on vinyl.

Ari and I had the privilege of spending our birthday weekend surrounded by some of the greatest friends any two people could ask for. Today’s Tunesday is a celebration of that love and also because (even two weeks later) it’s stuck in our heads… in the best possible way!

A very close friend of ours gave us the Spice Girls’ debut album, SPICE, on vinyl. It’s like she knows us or something. Listening to these songs automatically makes you smile and in our cases, jump up and dance as well. We wouldn’t consider ourselves more dedicated fans than any other millenials who grew up with them, but there is never a bad time to “spice up your life.”

Which Spice Girls song was your favorite?

(Keep in mind that we know you’re lying if you deny having one).

Gabrielle Levy
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