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9 Jun

Tunesday: Gov Ball Edition

As anyone who went to Gov Ball can attest to, picking just a few artists to see seemed like an impossible feat. Even more difficult, after the fact, was picking just a few songs and artists I wanted to feature here because everyone was so incredible (I even thought Drake performed exceptionally well and I don’t normally find myself listening to his music). The four artists whose songs I selected for this Tunesday are by no means the only ones I enjoyed, but I’ve selected Marina & The Diamonds, The Decemberists, RATATAT, and Connor Oberst.

Marina & The Diamonds never cease to amaze with consistently superb performances. Full of energy and a unique sound, what isn’t there to love?! The Decemberists performed on the Honda stage, right as I entered the festival grounds. What a wonderful welcome! Listening to them while waiting in line to get my (gluten-free) food and then continuing to listen as I devoured my mouthwatering taquitos was a pretty wonderful experience. I don’t normally listen to electronic music or DJs, so some might wonder why I was so excited to see RATATAT. What fascinates me about RATATAT is that the majority of their sounds are actually created from a combination of instruments and synthesizers, their first album being 95% instrumental. Their electro sound, created primarily with instruments as opposed to synthesizers and other technological processes, requires an extremely high (and impressive) skill level to produce. Watching the two band members jam out to a crowd of devout fans actually made me feel like I was, for a moment, on LSD. Many know Connor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes but I never really listened to them. I know of him more as a solo artist. His scratchy vocals in certain songs are reminiscent of a young Bob Dylan and with narrative lyrics that depict such wonderful stories, he was also one of my favorite performances of the weekend.

I recommend everyone attend a festival at least once! There truly is something magical about being surrounded by thousands of people who are gathered in that same creative space, supporting the artists that inspire them and discovering new artists to follow. If you didn’t get to experience Gov Ball in person, make sure to read some of the more detailed recaps and experiment with some of the set lists performed.


Gabrielle Levy
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