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27 Dec

Tunesday with Kaleo

Kaleo Tunesday

If you haven’t heard them yet, hopefully this Tunesday stops you from living without their music for much longer. Though they formed in 2012, I have just been made aware of Kaleo which is irritating because that means I could have been enjoying them for five years already.


Kaleo is a Hawaiian word that translates to “the sound,” and I cannot think of a more perfect name…. despite their not being from Hawaii. Hailing from the small Icelandic town called Mosfellsbær, near the country’s capital, Reykjavík, Kaleo now resides in Austin, Texas.




Their most recent record, A/B, was released this past June 10… which just so happens to be the Twinseperable Team’s birthday. The Handprint Tour begins in January and runs through April, in the US and abroad. They will be joined by the Lumineers on the US leg. Despite only just becoming a fan of their music, I am deeply disappointed that they don’t currently have a NY stop on the tour and am staying optimistic that they make an appearance in our neck of the woods soon.


Fitting perfectly into the now very popular “indie rock meets progressive folk and blues” genre, they sound like a perfectly tempered amalgam of other current musicians ranging from Father John Misty to Gary Clark Jr, Bon Iver, to the Black Keys.


Their songs are primarily in English, but it just so happens that one of my favorites, and the song that garnered them their first hit, is called  Vor í Vaglaskógi; it is unique and entirely in their native tongue. Listening to it, I get a feeling similar to the one I get when I hear Carla Bruni’s Raphael, Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose, 0r Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma. The song is so beautiful…the first few notes on the guitar remind me of those powerful first moments before a performer takes their first breath to begin. You don’t need to understand it to understand it.


Do you agree?



Gabrielle Levy
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