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5 Jul

Tunesday: M.I.L.F.$

Personally, I love the idea of turning the “Mother’s I’d like to Fuck” acronym into something more empowering like Fergie’s “Mother’s I’d like to Follow.” She said “changing the acronym… is about empowering women who do it all. They have a career, a family, and still find the time to take care of themselves and feel sexy.”


Featuring countless successful mothers (including herself) from Chrissy Teigen to Allesandra Ambrosio, she no doubt brought together a stacked girl squad. Poking fun at society’s obsession with the female body as a sex symbol, as opposed to a vessel that keeps our organs contained, the video even features Teigen “publicly” breastfeeding her newborn as a soon-to-be reprimanded male onlooker “ogles her life-sustaining goodies.”


To those who think that people are giving it too much credit or that Fergie didn’t intentionally set out to make all of those statements: shame on you. Just because it’s Fergie, her actions are dismissed as being less sincere or deliberate? Not cool.


I am not saying I have an issue with the women being exposed, or the sexual nature of many scenes. I am completely for the normalization and acceptance of women’s bodies as just that – bodies, not sexual objects, and applaud anyone who fights for it.


However, as unfortunate as it is, I fear society is going to see the star-studded video and digest it as more of a celebrity cocktail for ratings than a successful statement to the man. The sexuality statement is an empowering message; it will be unfortunate if people view it as a way to ultimately perpetuate rape culture and the sexualization of women. As a society we haven’t evolved enough to combat the constant women-shaming idea that showing skin means a lack of self-respect or worth. But the two are not mutually exclusive…you can show skin AND have self-respect!


I find it important to note a few critiques without diminishing the dedication to motherhood of the video’s stars,  their success as working mothers, or their struggle to find balance just like everyone else. I think there is a relatability factor that wasn’t given enough thought. The fact that some view celebrity moms as living unrealistic lives, makes it easier to view and categorise the message as parody.


So, did the featured mothers need to be that “exposed” to get the point across successfully, or is that going to unintentionally diminish some of the statement’s credibility or seriousness? Does it matter?

**It didn’t go unnoticed that the word “motherfucker” was used several times. I understand that it is accepted by some as a permanent part of our vernacular but, especially in this case, I find it counterproductive.

Gabrielle Levy
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