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13 Oct

Tunesday: Matt Costa

I was first introduced to the musical stylings of Matt Costa when I was 16, at a summer film camp in Vermont. He was playing for free at the park and thankfully my friends were fans, or I’m not sure how long it would have been before his music entered my life. Sunshine became the theme song of that summer.

In 2013 he described his sound as “folk-tinged rock with a sun-faded dashboard” from his old VW van. How appropriately artsy? I think his sound varies across multiple albums, ranging from Jack Johnson-esque to even including some newer songs evocative of the Beatles (like Find a Reason to Smile).

Also, I’m going to say it. He is adorable. Just watch his video for my number one, Mr. Pitiful.

Tall and lanky with dark hair and a smooth voice, he sounds like he’s making music in normal conversation.

Take a listen to some of my other favorites and tell us what you think!

Gabrielle Levy
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