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3 May

Tunesday with Ramsay Bolton…

In honor of Game of Thrones and the consistently demonic Ramsay Bolton, today’s Tunesday is a look at the actor who plays him and the softer side of his music.

Most people know him as the murderous sociopath who nearly flays Theon Greyjoy to death, but Iwan Rheon is nothing like the character he portrays; and his music sounds more like it belongs on a hip local coffee shop’s acoustic playlist than anywhere near the seven kingdoms.

Here is a selection of our favorite songs by him, including… one that we can’t even understand. On his song, Rhodd (sung in Welsh), Rheon collaborates with his real-life brother; who it would appear he has a much better relationship with, than his character’s half brother in the show.

We could look for the translation, but there’s something special about audibly digesting sounds instead of always just words, and it doesn’t minimize the quality of the song in the least.

What do you think? Can you look past his character’s flays, we mean flaws, and enjoy his talents as an innocent musician?

Gabrielle Levy
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