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25 Jul

Tunesday with Sammy Brue

Sometimes on a gloomy day like today, instead of listening to bubbly “sunny” music, I let the mood wash over and enjoy taking the opportunity to listen to a more weather-reflective kind of tune (that is not in any way a negative).

As with many of our Tunesdays, I am captivated by a random song or voice- often forgetting how I ever came to hear them in the first place. Today’s is no different.

Sammy Brue is a 15-year-old with a distinct sound, and loads of potential. Despite not necessarily having anything earth-shatteringly unique about his sound, he seems to have mastered it, placing him on par with many of today’s more experienced alternative-folk musicians.

The first song of his I heard was “Was I the Only One?” I have since listened to his entire debut album, entitled “I Am Nice,” and in addition to his vocal talent, his lyricism is also a sign of great things to come. His, at times, impressively-mature storytelling, coupled with clear hints of his musical influences, make him a pleasantly surprising new find.

Have you heard of him? What do you think?

Gabrielle Levy
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