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16 Aug

Tunesday Trippin’

Music is always a top priority when going on vacation, so today’s Tunesday is one of my absolutely favorite songs about traveling and definitely fits my current emotions about this adventure.

Released in 1999 on their album, Californication, here is “Road Trippin’,” by the always awesome, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

If you listen to the lyrics, you may question this song’s appropriateness, as it is about a) a road trip and not a trans-continental trip, which leads to b) definitely staying in the United States, and c) (although I could probably keep going) the line at the beginning says “Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies” when it should say something more along the lines of “trippin’ with three of my favorite (g)allies.

But who is really listening to specifics? 😉

If you are, here is a little background on the tune:


The specific road trip in reference is a trip that lead singer Anthony Kiedis, guitarist John Frusciante and bassist Flea took, driving across the Pacific Coast Highway to surf at Big Sur after Frusciante returned to the Peppers.

Part of the reason I love it is the song’s very calming and deeply sentimental sound about the particular trip and the meaning behind it to them.

That is where the main connection is between my trip and the road trip so beautifully narrated in the song. It also happens to be one of their solely acoustic releases and one of the few lacking any drums.


Stay tuned for updates on our trip to Israel, and listen away!


Gabrielle Levy
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