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18 Jul

Tunesday with Seavera

Whoever was manning the Starbucks playlist at the Fort Lauderdale Airport at 6 am yesterday, was on point.

I was sleepy and grumpy and both of those feelings only grew stronger when I saw the size of the Starbucks line… full of other zombies waiting for their boosts of energy.

Suddenly, a sound began to captivate me, completely erasing any negative emotions I had previously held.

I couldn’t quite place the voice, but the sound had an extremely familiar quality, and a calming presence in my head. It felt like Birdy meets Haim. Like Bon Iver and Regina Spektor had a love child who is somehow also related to Ed Sheeran.

Thank goodness for Shazam, because now I know who that enthralling sound belonged to.

Seavera is an Australian Indie-pop duo consisting of Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton, who first met as kids in their small hometown in Northern NSW.

Once I had that information, I searched for anything I could find about them but to my chagrin, there isn’t much. They reconnected and started creating music in 2016, but have only released two singles to date.

Both songs, Caving, and Parallel and Repeat, are great, but Caving is definitely the stronger of the two.

I am dying to learn more about this duo! Have you heard of them?? What do you think??

Gabrielle Levy
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