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19 Sep

Tunesday with The Bold Type

Despite the constant intent to be open-minded in every aspect of the my life, I admit that I am human and, at times, fall short. Such was the case with The Bold Type. I am not sure if it is because I worked in the magazine industry for years and believe it is not always portrayed in entertainment accurately. Or, perhaps, it was because of my sheer skepticism that a show based off millennial best friends in NYC who work at a magazine centered around sex and fashion could be anything but a superficial attempt to reach a demographic without challenging it.


It was a happy surprise that these negative ideas about the show were completely inaccurate. I happily admit I was wrong in thinking them and recognize my preconceived notions sold a good show short. At one point, one of the main protagonists describes the publication they work at, to a skeptic (not unlike myself), as follows: When Jacqueline (the current editor-in-chief) took over, she radically shifted the focus of the publication. “It’s no longer about how to please your man—or woman—in bed… It’s about how to please yourself.”


Jacqueline also gives a speech, excerpted below, at the magazine’s 60th anniversary event: “Our little magazine has gone through quite a few changes over the past six decades. And for those of you who say we are still a fashion and beauty magazine, I say yes. Yes we are. But for those of you who say we are just a fashion and beauty magazine, I say, here’s the next great mascara giving you bigger eyes to see the world. Here’s a fabulous pair of jeans—now go climb a mountain.”


The show’s cast is excitingly diverse as well as their storylines. However, perhaps one of my favorite elements of the show, is the fact that these strong, driven female characters are never pitted against each other. The characters’ stories become increasingly complex, but they do so individually of each other. The narrative doesn’t thrive off the often-used dramatization of female relationships. Quite the contrary, actually. These storylines are full of struggles, but also, support and assistance.


I understand that despite the sheer breadth of young women who outwardly consider themselves feminists, there are still a lot of young women who are either apathetic, or fearful of the word. For those people, and in my opinion, The Bold Type, successfully portrays everyday feminism in an extremely digestible way. A way that will give viewers definitive moments of feminist realization and empowerment.


We were so hooked, that we finished the entire first season in one day over the weekend (on Hulu). For today’s Tunesday, we share the show’s perfectly selected soundtrack with you, along with the urging to watch the series as soon as you can.

Gabrielle Levy
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