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13 Sep

Tunesday With The Greatest

The massacre that took place in Orlando, Florida this past June, breaks our hearts on very personal levels and for several different reasons. We often use Twinseperable as the platform to share our opinions on recent events, as well as our reviews of culturally significant items and releases.

Today’s Tunesday is a combination of both. This is not meant to diminish the efforts of previous artists to raise funds and awareness about causes. Rather, we want to grant credit where credit is due, for one artist in particular.  In our opinions, she succeeded beyond others in her attempt to narrate those terrible events in her voice through song and the corresponding video.

Sia is no stranger to raw, emotional lyrics and intriguing, sometimes complexly misunderstood visuals. In her latest single, The Greatest (featuring Kendrick Lamar), she finds the perfect balance between fighting for those who lost their lives by promoting pride in one’s self (something she has always stood for), and using her visuals to pay homage to that day, without making a pseudo-sympathetic spectacle of it.

A previous song entitled “Hands,” dedicated to the victims and released shortly after the attack, seemed inspired by the community-driven voice of “We Are the World.” With profits going to the fund for the victims’ families, I purchased it in support. However, just like most other attempts to recreate that sense of togetherness since “We Are the World’s” release, “Hands” falls short in its authenticity which I credit to the actual quality and maturity of it’s song lyrics.

That is where “The Greatest” truly shines. It doesn’t try too hard. It simply, is.

Despite being released a week ago, as a single off of her upcoming album “We Are Your Children,” I am still surprised at how many people haven’t seen the video- let alone, heard the song. The video is packed with skillfully nuanced details, beginning with lead, Maddie Zeigler, forming a rainbow of tear-like streaks down her face, to the use of 49 dancers to represent the 49 lost lives, and the final scene of the video in a nightclub-inspired setting in front of a bullet-ridden wall, where all of the dancers fall to the ground.

Have you heard the song and seen the video? How did it make you feel?


Gabrielle Levy
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