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1 Nov

Tunesday with The Shins

I remember really starting to love The Shins when Zach Braff’s movie, Garden State, came out and their music was included on the Grammy Award winning soundtrack.

New Slang skyrocketed to the top of the charts and has remained one of the most universally known songs from the early 2000s.

Their song, Turn on Me, then appeared in an episode of The OC and as a teen at the time… that meant everything.

They seem to flow in and out of my life, often brought back by usage in popular culture. However, the songs that left impressions have always maintained their place in my heart despite the band’s turbulent status and random production timelines.

After 5 years, The Shins are releasing their fifth studio album entitled “I Gleek on Your Grave.” The first single, Dead Alive, off of the widely and painfully teased new project is a slight departure from their more recent work.

The difference isn’t necessarily blatant, but when I listen to Dead Alive, I hear a sound more reminiscent of their 2003 album, “Chutes Too Narrow,”

but with a more mature and well-developed sound.

What do you think?


Gabrielle Levy
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