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23 Nov

Varsity Jackets










In a refreshing transition, heavier embellished varsity jackets for fall/winter have replaced the lightweight and sporty bomber jackets from summer. That’s not to say either of the trends are seasonally exclusive. However, as the temperature drops, it’s only natural that embroidered silk is traded in for patch covered wool, leather, and even in this case, faux fur. I’m not sure if it’s a longing for the 60’s*, or just the fact that I’m obsessed with Coach’s collection which happens to be riddled with the look, but I can’t get enough.

The one pictured here is Zara, but I’m also in LOVE with the versions below!

Saint Laurent / Coach / Rag & Bone / Opening Ceremony / French Connection / Marc Jacobs

*Fun fact of the day– Apparently the letterman jacket originated at Harvard in 1965, and it was in fact baseball, and not commonly believed football, that started the trend.  It is also interesting to note the importance of the letters on the jackets and the status they represented. Athletes were only able to keep their letters if they were considered good players or assets to the team, thus adding even more importance and value. Though I try to avoid subscribing to social or cultural stereotypes, it is often jocks or “popular” characters in movies and TV shows that sport such outerwear. Perhaps, subconsciously, this trend is well received because of the “cool kid” feeling that comes along with it. Or perhaps its just because they’re genuinely really cool.  The jury is still out.

Would you wear this trend? LMK below!

Ariana Levy
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