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5 Apr

#WCW with Hildie Plumpepper

For this month’s installation of amazing women who inspire us, we look no further than Hildie Plumpepper, the spunky, sophisticated, silver-haired socialite who sashayed into our hearts through social media.

Perhaps it is the combination of my background in art and my love of fashion, but in the same way I used to daydream about Cher Horowitz’s closet in Clueless, I currently daydream about drawing my newest wish list item into existence, like a pair of Gucci Princetown loafers, or a Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. Hildie does just that. She is the impeccably adorned creation of illustrator Jill Anthony, with a great political voice to boot… Saint Laurent boots to be exact.

In between her crazy schedule of gals and galas, Hildie was kind enough to answer some of our questions.


Twinseperable: Where are you from?

Hildie: I was born in Manhattan, New York City, where I still reside on the upper West side, blocks from Central Park

T: What do you do?

H: I am a socialite and gal about town. I am an art collector, model and fashion stylist for many of my friends who are in the fashion business.

T: If you could describe yourself as a cocktail what would it be?

H: Campari and Orange Juice. Intriguing, refreshing, vibrant and distinctive! I wish I had one right now!

T: Do you have a feminist anthem?

H: I Am Woman by Helen Reddy. My goodness Darlings, just listen to the lyrics! Hear Me Roar!

T: Who is your favorite designer?

H: There are too many to name! I’ll start with Christian Lacroix for color and embellishment. There is a storybook quality to his designs that is so entrancing! I love Azzedine Alaia for timelessness. His construction is pure genius. I adored what Karl Lagerfeld did for Chloe in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Very lovely and feminine. The fashion show to beat all fashion shows was John Galliano for Christian Dior Fall 1997-98 Haute Couture. Heavenly. Currently, I am loving Monse– very fresh and modern.

T: Where do you find inspiration(outfit and otherwise)?

H: I find inspiration through fashion blogs and the marvelous street fashion I see throughout the city. Fashion in film is a constant source of inspiration. Just the other day I was watching “Klute” with Jane Fonda. It was made 46 years ago and, yet, the clothes were modern and fabulous!

T: Coffee or tea?

H: Tea, very hot with loads of sugar.

T: Favorite foreign destination?

H: Ghent in Belgium for it’s shopping, cafes and chocolate. Lake Como in Italy for it’s spectacular views, pasta and men

T: What’s your favorite movie?

H: Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola

T: List 5 nasty women who inspire you (and why)

H: The OG Susan B. Anthony. She set in motion our role in participating in democracy and standing up for our fundamental rights as women, which, astonishingly, we are still fighting for today.

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. She is the voice of resistance in the anti-Trump revolution– determined and committed.

Hillary Clinton. Her “Nasty Woman” moment became our battle cry. She was unflinching, capable and composed when confronted with the Baffoon.

As a group, The Women of SNL. Every week they are churning out smart, hilarious skits on women’s issues and politics that strike a nerve.

As a group, The Women News Correspondents on MSNBC. They are the tireless seekers of truth. We need their tenacity to cut through the rhetoric of the current administration.

T: Favorite decade and why?

H: The 1970’s. Why? For goodness sakes…bellbottoms, Mary Tyler Moore, Led Zeppelin, punk rock, Studio 54, CBGB’s, Stevie Wonder, Annie Hall…the list goes on and on!

T: What role do you think art/fashion plays in politics*?

H: It is a reflection of the political atmosphere. It can be a rebellion to conformity and all things conservative.

T: Where did your interest in politics come from?

H: It was always simmering under the surface but it wasn’t until Barrack Obama was running for president that it really came into play. Here was this decent, eloquent, beautiful man and I wanted to be a part of the energy that was swirling around him. Now, in our current situation, we have to be participants. It is paramount. Our progress and democracy is in jeopardy.

T: Where does your name (Hildie’s) come from?

H: I am Hildegard Eudora Birdie Plumpepper. I am an heir by direct descent of the 19th century English perfumer, Eudora Plumpepper.

T: How do you choose an OOTD?

H: It may be an ensemble from a recent fashion show that I simply had to get my hands on or it could be a song that is inspiring an outfit. I have yet to break out a Stevie Nicks ensemble. Sometimes I start with one fabulous item and build from there.

T: How did you come up with Hildie?

J: When I was going to art school back in the 80’s, I did a drawing for my grandmother, who I adored. It was of an elderly woman with lots of attitude, in a powdered wig smoking a very long cigarette. Over the years I would draw versions of her for greeting cards. Two years ago, I drew her again, this time in the Versace safety pin dress. I had lots of other outfit ideas and decided it would be fun to post them on Instagram. As far as her name, Hildie Plumpepper, I wanted a name that sounded as good as Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yes, sad but true, Hildie’s name was inspired by a reality tv show.

T: Do you have a background in fine art?

J: I went to The Fashion Institute Of Technology for illustration.

 T: Anything else you would like our readers to know?

J: Drawing this carefree silver haired character has inspired me to dump the dye and let my own hair turn gray. It’s at a very Daphne Guinness stage right now, but with lipstick, jewelry and attitude, I’ve been able to carry it off!


…And to that we say YO GO GIRL(S)!!! You do you and live your best life!


*Her politically related fashion commentary is so incredibly relevant we purchased two prints for Twinseperable HQ.

Ariana Levy
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