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11 Oct

We Fell in Love With Jack’s Wife Freda

There’s nothing like a yummy brunch (or meal 2.5 as I like to call it past 1:00) on a rainy Saturday.

Team Twinseperable and pals luckily snagged a reservation at Jack’s Wife Freda last weekend. The homey SoHo treasure, though small in size, served up flavors nothing short of huge!


Start off your brunch with delicious tea or coffee… or a bloody Mary if you’re a hair of the dog person, and catch up with your pals while simultaneously trying to select your dish off of the list of delectable bites.



I ordered the eggs and steak plus a side of duck bacon and it was one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a while. The steak was expertly seasoned and cooked medium-well,  pairing perfectly with the fluffy scrambled eggs- no salt or pepper necessary. The duck bacon was a treat, mouthwateringly crunchy from the fat, it was flavorful enough to make your mouth explode.


After licking my plate clean… as much as one can acceptably do in a public setting, I ordered an espresso which was so yummy it bordered on dessert.





I feel it important to note that although they do not have a strictly gluten free menu, the staff is extremely accommodating and well informed. I felt confident when placing my order, that the waitress understood the severity of my Celiacs and would relay that to the kitchen. This was all confirmed when I didn’t get sick… which is always a plus.

All of these images were also shot on our new Ricoh GR II. In an attempt to include you in even more of our funtivities and shenanigans, we invested in a smaller camera to bring wherever my DSLR is either not permitted or too bulky to lug around. I believe the images speak for themselves as to the quality of the Ricoh, but in case you wanted to read it directly from our fingers… the Ricoh GR II is our newest obsession.

Gabrielle Levy
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