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29 Sep

What a Piece of Crap

It’s easy to see the silver lining in everything, when I’m looking from behind my new polarized lenses.

Some people love shoes, some people love bags. My weakness- sunglasses.

I’m a firm believe in quality over quantity, and would rather save up money and buy a great pair that will last rather than a less-expensive disposable pair. Unfortunately, really great lenses don’t exactly come cheap, and I don’t often indulge as there are other things I find myself needing to purchase at this stage in my life, but holy CRAP!

CRAP Eyewear is a budding business that began in the early 2000s.

“The idea was to make a brand that was basically a middle finger to the established sunglass market – DIY streetwear made by the youth for the youth. As I’ve matured, I’ve grown to appreciate design and fashion and have a tremendous amount of respect for the hard work it takes to run a label. I think in a weird way the Crap name has forced us to keep it fun, keep it lighthearted”- Vibe

Continuing with their original ethos and casual-all-access attitude, take a look at their general product specs below.

Designed in Los Angeles, CA

Our sunglasses are designed in-house from the ground up. We engineered this frame to perfectly balance comfort and durability.

Zero Base Crap Eyewear Polarized™ lenses

Totally flat, zero base lenses feature an anti-reflective inner coating to ensure fashion forward style and modern function. Crap Polarized™ lenses have unique filters which block unwanted glare reflected off water, snow and other bright surfaces.

Custom-engineered spring hinges & premium hardware

Crap hardware is chosen with care and made to last. From the beach to your glovebox to the festival, we’ve got ya covered.

My current ideé fixe is their Tuff Safari.

This style also comes in the other colors/metal combinations below:

crap_eyewear-the_tuff_safari-brushed_gold_wire_crystal_clear_tips-bronze_mirror_lens-package1_1024x1024 crap_eyewear-the_tuff_safari-espresso_and_silver_wire-gold_tint_lens-package1_1024x1024 crap_eyewear-the_tuff_safari-brushed_silver_wire_smoke_grey_tips-zero_base_grey_lens-package2_1024x1024

If you’re looking to expand your stunner-shade collection… you needn’t look any further, because CRAP Eyewear has found the perfect balance between quality and cost.

You’re welcome.

Do YOU have a favorite style?

Gabrielle Levy
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