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22 Apr

Why You Need To Be “Low-Carb”

…and I’m not talking in terms of food.

Working in the fashion industry, I see firsthand how much waste it produces. It is the third highest polluting industry after oil and agriculture, a shocking fact that many are unaware of. While “fast fashion” is an easy solution to being able to stay on trend and on budget, it produces a horrendous carbon footprint and is devastating to our environment. I try my best to shop things that are “Made in the U.S.A.”, vintage or secondhand (all of which either produce a smaller carbon footprint or none at all), but on Earth Day especially, I am reminded of how much more I can do.

Wanting to be fashionable is not an excuse. There are easy steps we can take to lower our carbon footprints, and extremely stylish brands that are working tirelessly to do the same.

One of these brands, Reformation, is creating a 10 piece “low carb” collection in an effort to educate the public about sustainability in fashion, and track their carbon emissions. Another popular retailer, J-Crew, has created a collection of t-shirts as part of their Save The Bees campaign.

Head over to Who What Wear to read about 15 Mind-Blowing Eco Facts You Didn’t Know About The Fashion Industry and Your 5 Step Guide to an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe.


Ariana Levy
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