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25 Apr

We Ran for The Wild on World Penguin Day

Today we ran through the Bronx Zoo, participating in their annual Run For the Wild 5K. This event aims to raise funds and awareness for the World Conservation Society. While today we ran specifically for the gorillas, it was doubly exciting for me because I got to stop by the penguin enclosure on my favorite holiday: World Penguin Day.

Their coloring is a great example of environmental adaptation. Their dark backs blend in to the deep ocean from above, and the bright surface serves as a perfect camouflage for their light bellies from below. Penguins are always dressed to impress, and my favorite species is the Little Blue Penguin who sports a blue tux instead of black.

There are 16 other types of penguins. Click here to learn more about each!

Participating in a run like we did today is just one way to give back! We also try to support as many brands as possible, like Dawn, that work to alleviate the harmful impacts development has had on natural wildlife habitats.

Gabrielle Levy
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